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About Digital Art / Hobbyist cynthiaFemale/Belgium Groups :iconsummonia: Summonia
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Anime music video AMV
my first AnimeMusicVideo (AMV)  bleach CHECK LINK by yuukiXakira
shugo chara Amuto Amv CHECK YOUTUBE LINK by yuukiXakira
I accept amv commissions  too now 
Note me for more information 
Prize 200 points or 2 €
If the song is longer then 4 minutes I'll charge 50 extra points for it
manga cover commision color+shading
Cover chapter 1: start of a new journey by yuukiXakira
Cover 1 by yuukiXakira
i accept manga covers commisions this is a example how it would look
prize 500 points or 5 euro (paypall)
note me the info
manga page comissions color+shading +text
chapter1 The road to become a summoner: page2 by yuukiXakira
i accept manga pages commisions this is a example how it would look
prize 150 points for each pannel or 1.50 euro/pannel (paypall)
note me the info

so this page would cost
150 points x 8 pannels = 1200 points
full body commision color+shading+background
star guardian guy auction open by yuukiXakira
i accept fullbody commisions this is a example how it would look
adding weapons or wands would add more of course (for the note me to know the prize)
prize 600 points or 6 euro (paypall)
note me the info
halfbody commisions color+shading
halfbody commision gareth and maddy by yuukiXakira
i accept halfbody commisions this is a example how it would look
prize 250 points or 3 euro (paypall)
note me the info
headshot color+shading
Headshot Commision  by yuukiXakira
i accept headshot commisions this is a example how it would look
prize 80 points or 1 euro (paypall)
note me the info
chibi sketch
Chibisketch by yuukiXakira
Commision2 by yuukiXakira
i am acception chibi commisions
this is a example of a chibi sketch
prize 20 points note me the info
chibi simple color
Request3 by yuukiXakira
also accept chibi with simple colloring.
eyes have special colloring since it makes the result nicer
prize 50 points
note me the info
Chibi collor+shading
chibi commision 1 by yuukiXakira
an example of a chibi with collor and shading
want one ? prize is 80 points
note me the info

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light glaceon by yuukiXakira
light glaceon
hey guys i finished the design of light glaceon (she has holy powers too)
but i do have some troubles with the collors so if you guys can tell what you love most let me know
1 if you like the first one and 2 if you like the second one more
dark Jolteon by yuukiXakira
dark Jolteon
dark jolteon design for in my manga i am working on.
this one is made by me and no one else has the right to use him without permission
Follow me also on PATREON



yuukiXakira has started a donation pool!
460 / 5,000
pls help me to keep the premium membership
thanx for the kind gifter that gave me the premium membership :hug:

new commision sheet by yuukiXakira
FREE Commission:Open Button by KimmyPeaches check out the prizes COMMISION INFO (COMMISIONS ARE OPEN)I open my commisions again .
This time there will only be 5 slots.
Once i finished a commision there will be another open spot again so keep an eye on this journal
if you like to order one :).

slot1 : :iconFritsa-Wolf:  50% discount for the first customer
slot2 : open
slot3 : open
slot4 : open
slot5 : open
Now for the prizes and category's
- chibi sketch = 1 euro
- chibi coloring+shading= 3 euro
chibi commision 1
first feebie adoptable auction OPEN (only the chibi girl here of course)
ANIME (without matured content)

- headshot colored+shading= 10 euro
- halfbody colored+shading = 15 euro
- full body colored+shading = 20 euro
+ simple background = 2.5 euro
+ detailed background = 10 euro

FREE Request Special Button by KimmyPeaches check this out vote what would you like to see from me+requestshey guys
i am wondering what are you guys looking forward to ?
its sad i cant make a poll since that would be easier but well ya i can as well do it here
so i will put a number if someone vote so i what has most votes
for the choices of what you could take/vote
-a drawing of my OC Ray
-a drawing of my OC ray with his girl (me xD)
-next page of summonia chapter 1
-creating of shuenn my new OC (also for in summonia)
-the cover or first page of my new manga (phantasia)
-someting else
now for some who dont know some things can check out here to know more about the choices
this is ray

for summonia there is one cover and 2 pages for now check out the gallery for it here
and then phantasia since noting is told yet.
phantasia will go about a story where people got a way to live forever.
people get the choice once they are 12 years old to choose if they want to live in the real world or a virtual world.
of cou

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hey guys
i am going to give away a fullbody drawing.
this is an example of how my fullbody drawings look
but youre free to ask anything also pokemon/MLP etc ....

 Ray by yuukiXakira

i am going to keep some kind of contest trough there are a few rules and thing you first need to know
so here they are

what you need to do so you can win this ? :
-to make chance you need to buy a ticket.
now how do you buy a ticket ?
-you can pay a low or higer amount depending on how many tickets you want to get (the more tickets the more chance)

how much i need to pay and how many tickets i get ?
- for only 1 euro you get 1 ticket
- for 2.50 euro you get 3 tickets
- for 5 euro you get 10 tickets
- for 10 euro you get 30 tickets
- for 25 euro you get 100 tickets

how do we get a chance to win this ?
- once you buyed youre ticket(s) you can choose numbers (from 1 to 1000)
- after the deadline has ended i will livestream and let a program choose 1 random number between 1-1000
- the winner will get notified and can then choose his/her prize what she wants me to draw
can i ask back my money if i want to witdraw ?
- i am sorry but this wont be possible

now someting important to know too, if there are more then 100 people participating then i will allow a total of 3 winners
if you wonder if you get the same prize yes all 3 winners can then ask a fullbody.

if you have questions pls feel free to ask them :)

list of all people that buyed tickets with their own number they took.

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